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Therapy in English

It is your appointment - the room is yours. I am here to meet you in your own situation, so that we can work together on the challenges that you need to, or wish to address.

Each session takes a practical approach starting with a shared dialogue to explore the specific issues that you bring, then develops using techniques such as symbol work, guided meditation, and elements from gestalt.

I have 30 years experience from the public and private sectors in Norway from project work, communications and in IT.  Originally from Scotland, I have a Norwegian family of three young grownups.

This client-centred approach is a psychotherapy that:

  • respects completely how you experience life every day.
  • works to relieve the many ways that we can become stuck in life.
  • eases the pressures that change can bring to anyone of us.
  • helps you to accept difficulties and when you are ready, to move on.

The approach is highly realistic.  We work with the challenges that you are struggling with right now as well as those that you may be concerned about when looking to the future.

A little theory about the therapy: It is called Psychosynthesis and is based on established psychology, but emphasises our inherent tendency and capacity to grow and mature. Each of us possesses a unique core of living energy and presence. By strengthening your ability to act as yourself and by freeing inner conflicts, therapy can establish a basis for you to develop greater inner and outer freedom, and to grow.

Though practically oriented, many years of collective experience, practice and theory lie behind this therapy. It was originally developed by Roberto Assagioli a contemporary of Freud and Jung. Today it is practiced wordwide.

Reasonably priced at 500kr per therapy hour. I am currently completing my student practice to register as a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

You are very welcome!